Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tutorial Found: Karipap/Kerang Stitch (Seni Tikaman Karipap/Kerang)

Previously, I wrote an entry on a baju kurung top that I made. I finished the neckline with the 'tulang belut' stitch. I managed to finish the kain (skirt) of the baju kurung, but with disastrous results! Everything was measured wrongly, especially the waist and it turned out too big. I've still to rectify it. And yet, I've been thinking of making another baju kurung (its because I have such lovely voiles that have been begging me to start working on them!). Anyways, I want to share a really great tutorial that I found on senijahitan of another stitchery technique called the 'karipap/kerang' stitch. The results look very pretty. Hope to try it soon. In the meantime, enjoy the video tutorials.

Click on this link for the video tutorials and on this link for pictures of the karipap/kerang stitch.

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