Sunday, September 19, 2010

Receiving Blanket for Baby Girl

Last week, we woke up to a text from my bil announcing the birth of his daughter. Everyone was very excited and hubby and I decided to welcome the newborn with a handmade receiving blanket made by yours truly. I decided to go with David Walker's Spring Fling collection. The pink bunnies and flowers and blue chirpy birds and squirrels scattered on a light yellow background looked yummy for a baby girl. And I also had the coordinating panel from the collection. Since we decided to go visit at noon, it gave me some time to put everything together. I also had another baby dress waiting for the buttons to be sewn on which I wanted to include in the welcoming present. So, following my wholecloth quilt tutorial, I used 1 yard of the pink bunnies fabric, 1 yard of the coordinating panel fabric, 1 yard of warm and natural cotton batting, and coordinating Gutermann thread. And voila, it was ready after topstitching the borders. (Nope, I didn't quilt the blanket)Since we were in a rush, I didn't get any nice pics of the blanket. Maybe I'll update this post when we visit baby next time. In the meantime, I'm glad the parents were delighted with the presents.

CONGRATS! Welcome baby girl! :)


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Thank you. Hopefully I can get better pics next time. :)

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