Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fabric Review: Mo Bedell's Party Dress - Diamond in Cool

I love blue and I love polka dots. Maybe that was why when I saw this print in Mo Bedell's debut collection, I had to have it! I ordered the Diamond print in the cool colourway from her Party Dress line by Blue Hill Fabrics. I had decided on making a baju kurung with said fabric. The fabric bled during its first wash. The cotton was also on the heavier side. When I had finished sewing the top for my baju kurung, I really felt the weight. I guess this is where it boils down to personal preference. Whether you prefer to wear light cotton or heavier cotton; or perhaps if you're always in an air-conditioned room or wearing such pieces during fall/winter, then it'd be fine. In my case, I prefer lighter weight cotton for apparels unless its for a jacket or skirt, etc. But the fabric still looked stunning especially when my baju kurung top was finished. Because of the directional prints, I had a shortage in making the 'kain' or skirt part of the baju kurung. So next time, (note to self) I need to keep in mind about the direction of the prints and whether I would need extra yardage to accomodate cutting all the pieces I'd need for a sewing project. *sigh* Feast your eyes on some inspirational photos of her fabric in action!

Happy fabric shopping!

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