Monday, August 16, 2010

Fabric Review: Amy Hamberlin's Marabella - Tossed Bouquets

First of all, I must say Henry Glass fabrics are really sweet pieces. The Marabella collection by Amy Hamberlin was her first fabric line for Henry Glass. The collection mostly consists of floral and geometric motifs in pink, purple, green and blue. The print I had was pink with white polka dots  in the background whilst beautiful red and green floral motifs played along the fabric. The fabric was heavier than most of the designer fabric I've worked with. So, this gave me a new feel for the different weights of cotton. The fabric was beautiful and I think they'd be great for making a jacket or skirt. The colours were more apparent after the first wash. Isn't that just wonderful?? Here are a couple of sewing project inspirations using this print - an elastic sundress for baby by Ivory Spring, and a reversible jumper and swing jacket by cucirebella.

Happy fabric shopping!

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