Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Dress

A lovely friend of mine, Aida, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl early this year and knowing how she loved handmade gifts, I made a baby dress for her little one. Aida and I were colleagues once upon a time, and now we're both SAHMs. She started sewing before I did and we used to share sewing projects, fabric hunts and other baby-related stuff. We both supported breastfeeding and somehow even had the same Medela Freestyle pump. We also believe in the power of play and enjoying nature with our little ones. Now, with her baby girl, she's made so many beautiful dresses. So when she told me she wrote an entry on my very simple gift, I really appreciated it. I'm so glad they loved it (that's always the best part of giving, don't you think?). You can view the dress in action here. The fully lined baby dress was rather simple (looked like a mini A-line dress) without any ruffles or accents. It was not my first attempt at sewing a baby dress, but it was probably the first one with results decent enough to qualify for gift giving. ;)

Welcome beautiful baby Mia Amani!

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